Batch Upload: Save CSV file using UTF-8 encoding

How to save your CSV file using the required UTF-8 encoding

When you want to upload a batch order using a CSV file, apart from making sure the content format is correct, it is recommended to save CSV file as UTF-8.

What is UTF-8?

UTF-8 (short for Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit) is a character encoding type that is widely used across a lot of websites, softwares. In Yojee, we also use UTF-8 to encode content from batch upload. Saving your CSV file as UTF-8 will ensure the file to be read correctly. Otherwise, we would recommend you to save your file as XLSX (using Excel) to upload.

How to save CSV file as UTF-8?

Via Excel (applicable to both Windows and Mac users)

Step 1: Select File then Save As

Step 2: Click on the drop down option

Step 3: Select CSV UTF-8. Click Save. And you're done.

Via Numbers (applicable to Mac users)

Step 1: Select Export To, and choose CSV

Step 2: Ensure the encoding is UTF-8. Click Next, and you're done.