A step by step guide - Making Payment By Flywire

Step 1

Click the  link in the PDF invoice sent to you (see sample below) via email to be directed to the Flywire payment page.



                                                              Invoice Sample


Step 2

You will be routed to the Payment Info page below. Enter the COUNTRY you are paying from and the AMOUNT that you wish to pay. Then press  .
(Refer to the illustration below)


                                                   Flywire Payment Page for Yojee

Step 3 

Select your preferred mode of payment the final amount to pay for each method are displayed on the screen.

Press Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 10.33.19 AM 




Step 4

After selecting your preferred mode of payment, you will be directed to the Payer Information page. 

Enter your details accordingly. This information requested from you is to allow us to contact you about your payment if there is a need to. 

After reading the terms and conditions please select the checkbox before you press 


Step 5

After keying in your info, you will be directed to the Reconciliation Information page. (refer to the screen below)

Please enter the invoice numbers in the Invoice Number field. You could also add additional invoice numbers here in the Additional Invoice Numbers field to indicate that you are making payment for more than 1 invoice. 

To confirm please press


                                                   Reconciliation Information Page


Step 6

You will be directed to a summary page to review your payment. Kindly review the details. Once you finalise all the details, you can press  to proceed with the payment. 

* If you select payment via bank payment as your preferred method, you will be directed straight to the summary page. Please review the details and follow the instruction given to make your payment. 


Please contact finance@yojee.com if you have any questions.